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Our Newest addition!

        Since the age of 18 I have always done handy man jobs on the side for friends and people and A/V installations in my church and other churches as well.  I have a lot of experience with all types of handy man jobs and more with A/V. You name it and we can "Make it Happen."

I have been a worship leader since the age of 16 and have a lot of experience with leading worship and all the other aspects that go along with it: sound, lighting, cameras, projections, acoustics, stage design etc.

        I am an experienced drummer and piano player, have worked with choirs, and voices, and know a little guitar.  I have designed sound, lighting and video systems including:  speaker placement, recording, acoustics/hookups, projection installs, lighting and live streaming.  I have been leading Worship for the past 20 years of my life for adult services.

               ” Where God resides, God provides.” 


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